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Syphilis was likely introduced to Europe when Christopher Columbus’s crew brought it back from the New World in 1493. Although there are other theories, the timing is definitely suspect the pandemic began in Europe pretty much right after they returned, killing many. Even those who were lucky enough to survive were typically covered in scars and turned blind, clearly not such a pretty fate.

Before you fly off the handle and claim aliens.(which a lot of people do) go to yt and look up damon t berry knowledge of the forever time. 1 through 7. He goes through these in depth and thinks they arent so much aliens as depictions of high technology.

“there remain UFO sightings that are not easily explained .[but]. There seems to be no reason to attribute them to an extraterrestrial source without evidence that is much more convincing. Air Force began ‘Project Blue Book’ to collate UFO sightings. It was terminated after the Condon Report (see later) led the Secretary of the Air Force to decide there was no national security value to continuing investigations. National Archives.[4].

If you do include this fact, the situation changes: Trump wants a 0 tolerance policy at the border, and some of the people crossing this border are coming with children. And while you can debate the moral or practical side of making a decision to enforce a 0 tolerance policy at the border, its very clearly not a decision to just separate children. But if Trump is going to do this, then when children are detained with adults who may or may not be their parents he cannot detain them with the adults.

Yes, plenty of PCs come as package deals too, but ‘gamers’ don’t buy Futureshop’s deal of the week. These complete systems are for people who just want a computer that lets them live their lives email, web browsing, word processing, and the occassional game for the kids. There’s nothing wrong wanting that sort of system if you are an average user, but that’s definitely not what a true gamer is looking for.

He then made some room for a chorizo and papas breakfast burrito. “Holy crap. This is a whole different story. Whether it’s a battlefield blogger reporting from Iraq, a small time band making it big on MySpace or a video podcaster signing a Hollywood movie deal, Webnation shows you how Cyberspace affects us and more importantly, how we affect Cyberspace.From citizen journalism to viral videos, Amber will guide viewers through a sea of news and technology stories from the web world and reveal tricks to using the Internet to our advantage.My only question is: Who decided to capitalize the word “cyberspace”? Even William Gibson, the guy who coined the term, didn’t cap it, let alone use it three times in two sentences. Suddenly, I feel like I’m back in the 1990s. (And no, I can’t introduce you to Amber Mac, irrespective of whether or not she’s single.)Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

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