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From west Wales an exciting new band has arisen called The Last Republic. I met them a while ago in a session they recorded for BBC Radio Wales, and their stories and adventures were captivating, their songs are epic, and their new album Parade was recently released. So let’s meet The Last Republic..

And of course I ended up watching anime. I watched hours upon hours of up beat anime like love hina, to LOVE Ru and simillar shows that most people look at as “junk anime”. But it kept me feeling happy. So how did Shelley and Devoto take their first steps as chroniclers of modern romance and post industrial angst? Time Up is that rare artefact; a piece of work that was never meant for human consumption and yet it provides a crucial link between the real roots of English punk and what was to follow. On one hand we have Shelley penchant for seemingly simple love songs that come with barbed sarcasm ( Of Mine and Love battery and on the other Devoto odes to ennui as a truly modern condition ( Up ) We also get early versions of the wry look at onanism that is Addict and Devoto first attempt at re tooling Captain Beefheart Love You, You Big Dummy Shelley was prone to cite krautrock as an influence, Devoto would name check Dostoesvsky. It was a doomed partnership from the start, but this document captures a brief period where snarling Gibsons and brutally basic drums were the perfect soundtrack to a generation that had fallen out of love with itself.

Im enjoying my life and i don think that having a kid is going to help me have more fun. Im going to keep what little time i have for me and my wife and not bring anymore children into a world where parents are not longer parents. It gets under my skin these people that want kids only to put them in daycare until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

It’s all just xenophobia from unfounded fears stoked by those in charge of conservatism in the US. These people at the top have a lot of money to influence politics and they help create the divide so they can continue to make money from this ignorance and then further fund their politics. These people do it for reasons like religion, sincere racism, or to obfuscate the fact that the real divide is between rich and everybody else.

Perhaps I went into it with different expectations, because it was a lot more open and tolerant than I had expected from what I read. There is a somewhat sad “beauty standard” which, while it nice in that everyone is put together, I could imagine being a bit stifling and oppressive at times. The food is incredible, and I didn notice a problem with any smells.

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