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The CRTC in March ruled that such “cabinitization” constitutes new investment by phone companies, so it should not be regulated in order to not discourage such investment. In other words, no access to street cabinets for the ISPs.So which country’s regulator has it right?CBC Radio’s Spark program will have Bell’s head of regulatory affairs, Mirko Bibic, on Monday to talk about the whole throttling issue. Spark is asking readers to suggest questions to ask of Bibic, so head over to the show’s site and take advantage of this rare opportunity.Posted: 2008/04/14 at 12:30 AMI am temporarily living in New Zealand, for most of the past two years now.

I downloaded OK Cupid because a friend asked if I thought online dating was weird. I didn know and said I check it out. First woman I see is pretty cute. Many Radio 1 listeners pointed out that loving rap hasn’t driven them to carrying blades or packing a Glock. One wrote that he’d analysed this argument for his academic coursework and found the argument that hip hop promotes gun crime to be “absolute bollox”. Others argued that not everyone who likes indie music is clinically depressed so why should love of rap go hand in hand with criminal tendencies?.

This is one game where I feel like I NEED my Steam controller. It would be fine with a trackpad, but I set the gyro to always on, make cursor not stuck to center of screen and I can use anything else now. It a little arcadey, but it so fluid and feels so natural..

The administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their parents, which Trump reversed in the face of a public backlash, is opposed by a majority of Americans. Republicans, however, support it. Here again, though, there’s a gap between men and women, with nearly 7 in 10 men but only about half of women offering support.

There is a lot to say and I am not even sure where to start. First the finding of the inspection Gina Michael, the association chief of staff at the hospital, told the affiliate that some dental technicians broke protocol by hand washing tools before putting them in cleaning machines. What? This statement does not make any sense to anyone who works in a medical or dental facility.

Countries that supported terrorism in Syria continued to level unfounded accusations against the Syrian Government, he said. Turkey and Saudi Arabia had been directly involved with supplying terrorist groups with chemical weapons and other “weapons of death” in Syria. Turkey trained criminal elements in its own territory before sending them to Syria.

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