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They did do an NDA alpha with that game, but the real hype started in closed beta. Streamers were gaining 40k+ viewers every single night, for months even when the vast majority of the community didn have access and beta keys were selling on ebay for absurd amounts of cash. What Blizzard failed to realize is that Hearthstone is a crazy relaxing and easy to watch game, even if you can playing it, watching it is almost as good.

HGH is the future. If you are 74+ and someone offers you something to make you look and feel younger, why not? You say it will shorten your life? If I am 74, who cares. Really? They are already within a few years of dying so let them do whatever they want, they got to have tons of money to do this program anyway.

You prize authenticity and originality but you despise pretension. In this project I’m putting the spotlight on the over the top examples of hipstertude and calling attention to the pretentiousness of the hollow hipster. You? You’re cool.Hipsters, like trendy coffee shops and Justin Bieber singles, are everywhere.

Woodlawn Lake Park is the best. You can safely park on the streets north of the lake. It is a good neighborhood. As University of Tokyo professor Tomomasa Sato explains:”A human being may be faster, but you’d have to say ‘Thank you.’ That’s the best part about a robot. You don’t have to feel bad about asking it to do things.”As the Associated Press story explains:Sato believes Japan, a rapidly aging society where more than a fifth of the population is 65 or older, will lead the world in designing robots to care for the elderly, sick and bedridden.But when it comes to personal care robots, Sato’s vision flies in the face of . A panel of roboticists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco on February 17th said such companion robots could be avilable within 10 years.

Yeah, I got to go. I got somewhere to be. Do you want us to take a copy of your license? Oh, no. And npcs asking me what I did in the last game which I haven’t a clue about. Ive tried to get into 3 times and failed. I’ve promised myself I’ll try again at some point and hopefully one day I’ll finally get it..

Something that can easily be fixed doesn mean it was lazy for it to get there, or that it doesn make sense for it to be overlooked. The most common ones in any game tend to be flat walls where two flat textures overlay and it doesn know which one to on top (so it flickers), and of course gaps between textures if something was placed badly, but loading is always a non texture specific issue and LoD changes are no different. 1 point submitted 4 months agoBlocking still works great for me.

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