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Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani champion for universal education and girls rights, made her first high level public appearance at the United Nations on 12 July. At the heart of Day is a call to improve the lives of some 57 million out of school children by improving education access by 2015. The Day also celebrated Malala 16th birthday..

Tom Kerridge meets members of the community as they try the range of drinks including a group of bell ringers. Meanwhile judges Alison Swan Parente and Nisha Katona visit the drinks producers at home to see how well their product is made, and decide how well they promote and sell their item to the Yorkshire locals in the shop. The winner will be the fledgling business that is most viable and deserving of the title best up and coming artisan.

General Questions Q. I want to work for the UN. Where can I send my resume?A. This is a triple win for communities around the world for economic growth, and for the planet.Now, more than ever, the world needs bold leadership to make the promise of renewable energy a reality. We meet here at the start of the global launch of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. It is also 20years since the Rio Earth Summit laid a blueprint for sustainable development.

If you feel nervous around peeps just ask them questions about themselves as most people like telling others what they up to. If you feel a rapport with anyone then you should make a suggestion to do something. Too many times people wait for others to invite them out.

If your friend has the means and the time to fix up his property, he will ALWAYS make more money selling on the MLS. The “We Buy Houses” Wholeseller is making an offer because he thinks that by doing it fast and with cash he can sell the deal to someone else who can flip it for a profit. If your friend can do the needed fixes and just put it on the market normally and wait a couple months for the sale to complete, he end up much further ahead..

Hussein Rashid calls the Boston Marathon the mass murdering a Boston marathon bombing. The Boston Marathon bombing is not a tragic event but premeditated murder by foreign Muslims, one a naturalized US citizen and a US permanent resident the other. Had those explosions been caused, let say, by a defective underground gas pipe, then it would have been a tragic accident because it would have been an unexpected accident.

Hazel, 16, has been battling thyroid cancer since age 13, and only through the use of an experimental drug is she still alive. She carries an oxygen tank with her everywhere, and hasn’t attended traditional school since her diagnosis. Depressed and lonely, she tries a support group, where she meets the handsome and deceptively sick Augustus Waters, a 17 year old dreamboat who quickly proceeds to turn her life into an adventure.

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