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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileBut the journal Nature claims it is doing it the environmentally friendly way in Second Life. Second Life avatars are also welcome.The journal admits that even avatars have carbon footprints. But it writes one avatar produces just over 39 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, about a thirtieth of the amount a passenger flying round trip from London to New York.

I am a Canadian, and have watched for years, as the US has lost gun control. What the hell is the matter with anyone who thinks that this latest incident to take place in the US is a gun control issue. I once, many years ago, met a man who was living in Canada, he was an American, his first comment to me was all don understand you Canadians, you all don carry guns My comment to him was If my neighbour does have a gun, I don need a gun He went on to say that his wife had bought him a nine millimetre glock for Christmas, I then asked him, do you live here in Canada his answer to me, which I have never forgot, was it to violent down there, so there is the mentality, no corilation between gun and violence, I would like to say Good Luck if that what your dealing with..

I address the following point to Jon Williams, other bloggers, and other members of the BBC. On Radio 4 news early this morning there was a report from a member of a Western humanitarian organisation who had examined the evidence in Tskhinvali and reported very many deaths as the result of the illegal use of rocket launchers against a largely civilian Ossetian population. This report seems to have been suppressed and excluded from later BBC news programmes.

We are not responsible for loss or damage of your order in transit. This responsibility is passed on to you as soon as we hand your order over to the shipping company. International orders might be subject to import taxes/duties.. It is a place where Canadians can voice their opinions on various awkward political subjects without the fear of feeling anti Canadian. The Public Service has some great websites available for Canadians, but why shouldn’t everyone be involved? Why should the buck stop at the techies and then our officials are completely technologically illiterate? Maybe our elected representatives are a little too long in the tooth for our current needs, not that Facebook is ever going to make the government’s top ten list of most useful sites to Canadians, but you never know.Posted: 2008/05/27 at 11:52 AMI don’t think a facebook group with 40000 people is impressive, or relevant. I’ve talked with many people on many anti whatever groups, and many of them have no idea what they’re talking about, or what the aim of the group is.

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