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In Africa, Obama maintains a strong image, with half or more of the public in all seven nations surveyed giving Obama a positive rating. He is particularly appreciated in Kenya and Tanzania, where about three quarters of those surveyed approved of his performance. President.

Now, more broadly speaking, I believe you are making the point that in general that the promotion of a ethnically homogeneous ethnostate does not immediately disqualify the rest of a person views. That just because someone thinks a false thing doesn mean that all other things they think are false. I agree with the general notion.

This was intermittent for about a month.Look under the lower edge of your drivers side dash board. You’ll find a trapezoid shaped port for the reader. Plug in the reader while the engine and ignition are off. And apparently this shoe that tried to make their way into this complex and they were dressed as women that’s about the most extent of the details that we have. As far as what they try doing that as you point out Brad still unknown at this point one of those intruders did the other seriously injured. All of this coming from from this exchange of of gunfire then at the NSA campus.

Each strap is good for 9,500lbs, the load is 40,000lbs and runs the length of a 48ft trailer. You going to have about ten straps on your load, one at the front, likely three so that the front can be cross strapped as well, then one every six feet, so you going to have 9+ straps per load, so that 85,500lbs worth of straps to hold down a load half that weight, it is, in fact enough to hold the weight of the truck/trailer and load combined. On top of that, most flatbed drivers will just straight up use every strap because they the ones who have to sit in front of that weight at 60mph+..

For me, it running errands on a Saturday afternoon, stopping in at the butcher, the vegetable market, the liquor store for wine, Trade Fair for some spices, Key Food for a few things, and everywhere I go they know me and are friendly. I bump into a few friends as I go, but aside from those interactions, I don overhear anyone else speaking English because people are chatting in their own languages. Then I go home, up the stairs of my building smelling all the amazing things my neighbors are cooking, then cook something amazing for my family..

There was also a dude a couple years older than me who I follow on Twitter. He was one of those “weird/funny twitter” accounts that tweeted outrageously ironic and humorous shit, but he also had brief moments of really genuine stuff. He is probably one of the few reasons I kept my account as long as I have.

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