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2. Imposition of governments that are western, but which local population does not support. Somalia. As for resources, id enjoy any recommendations, and ill do the due diligence of figuring out what prerequisites i need. Maybe you can share a path? like I enjoyed this book/course/youtube/lecture after having enjoyed and learning/understanding this book/course/etc. Do you understand what im saying? Sometimes you come across a learning resource for a subject and its just really good, so maybe you can share those? Or maybe something general, or introductory? I also enjoy any book that would help someone in a development role, or CI/CD role, devops role, etc.

Was not afraid to die. He was afraid of pain. I remember 10 years ago, when he was 17, he came to me sobbing, reveals Warren, offering an absolutely heart wrenching story about his late son. If you ran homeruns, no, there absolutely would not be. ?? do you think i going to go cut the wire in the middle for no reason and put in a barrel? remember, you run the wires already in this scenario. So what is this about? also, insulation exposed? we don take down patches of sheetrock, so if it exposed it was that way when we got there..

Word cloud on account of flu laziness: vanlife. Alternate means of exchange. Self selected trust networks. These new ideas and innovations of sci fi wizardry are critical to the future development of electronics. I say, congratulations to CNN for their willingness to experiment with these new ideas, especially during such an important event. They remain on the cutting edge of TV broadcasting..

Be surprised if the episode lasted more than 15 minutes, he said. One of the struggles with a subjective survey. When I was younger I would go to bed and think I slept for days or hours but I find out things like they would throw a party and wake me up and I would be awake talking laughing responding playing board games eating cake all this for hours go back to bed wake up and only have pictures to show for it.

I get it. I get they’re trying to make a sale, and I get the game that has to be played in order to do so, but all of the things they’ve done so far is making me not want to go back at all. I was actually somewhat understanding of the salesperson’s pushiness (however awkward it was), and I was even somewhat appreciative of the first couple of calls/texts, figuring they wanted to follow up, but now: fuck it..

The other place in the news is Kosovo, the Serbian province that is about to declare independence and officially break away from Belgrade, but it will not be a truly independent country. For one thing, not everyone will recognise it Serbia and Russia won’t and even some EU states have promised not to as well. Secondly and confusingly the EU as a body is sending in an unprecedented mission that will run the police and justice system and oversee the government of the new state which some experts on the region, such as of the European Stability Initiative who was on the programme on Wednesday (which you can listen to here), have called an ‘EU Protectorate’.

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