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BBC Review The award winning folk outfit isn’t afraid to try new things on album three.Chris White 2010Anyone who thinks folk can rock has obviously never attended a Bellowhead concert. Although deeply steeped in the age old history of the genre, what sets this unique group apart is the range of other influences they weave into their sound. Jazz, funk, English music hall, New Orleans marching bands they all present in this 11 strong big band riotous, hugely entertaining performances, which invariably transform their audiences into a kind of medieval mosh pit.Bellowhead first album, 2006 Burlesque, was a breath of fresh air, capturing the dizzy exuberance of their live act with an inventive, instantly infectious set of reworked traditional folk songs completely different to anything else on the scene.

Sheffield born synth punks Rolo Tomassi released their praised debut album, the aptly titled Hysterics, back in 2008, while some members were still in their teenage years. But the Diplo produced Cosmology sees the five piece taking their sci fi screamo into new territories via excursions into immersive prog and explorative passages that suggest they’re closer aligned to the likes of The Mars Volta than any straight up metal act. Keyboard player and co vocalist James Spence, brother of lead singer Eva, answers our Album Reviews Q was recorded in the States, with a big name producer on board and a bigger budget behind it, compared to your debut.

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