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3) I wish I was a little more accepting of looser fitting stuff a bit earlier, instead of being slim fit everything lol. A mix of kinda preferring slightly looser fitting tops plus getting bigger with both working out and some overall weight gains (oops). I now have button ups and some favorite tees that fit kinda tight :/.

In response to your piece on Relations Through A Child Eyes I did not think that the images were ambiguous at all. The first image depicts an African American boy standing behind the swing with one hand in a fist, a scowl on his face and arms slightly bowed in an aggressive gesture with a disturbed looking caucasian boy on the ground. The second image, depicts a caucasian boy standing behind the swing much like Bobby in the first image while an African American child who on first glance, looks effeminate and more sad than disturbed.

Comment number 1. At 11:01 28th Jan 2009, angryratman wrote: Reclassification is unnecessary and unlikely to create any benefits to the UK population. We all know that prohibition increases the level of consumption. That when Zimmerman chased him down and most likely said the same thing on the recording, are you doing in here you f ing punk That when he pulled his gun out and that when Trayvon started screaming for his life and maybe a fight ensued and Trayvon couldn over power the gun, so he was murdered. Zimmerman said, always get away. Who is they? The black males that robbed the girls house who testified.

This thread is a mess, what a surprise lol. Anyway, the issue of homelessness is complex and ultimately can’t be solved by an individual. Lawmakers will be the ones that enact a solution, it’s up to you to vote for who you think will tackle the issue the best.

SAM KUTESA, General Assembly President, said that a peaceful and secure world was the “basic building block” required for all peoples to enjoy lives of safety, prosperity and dignity. The collective efforts of the First Committee would have broad implications on many other aspects of the Organization’s work, he said, adding that the promise of a more sustainable and prosperous future could not be fulfilled without ensuring peace and security for all. True security was based on people’s welfare, including a growing economy, strong public health and education programmes, and fundamental respect for common humanity..

It did ha a little delay but nothing horrible. Our only problem is that we would use it for a while and then her phone would shut it down because it had not been active for a while. But we fixed that on the way home and she was a very happy girl. People are far too keen to have the state become their Parents 2.0 so they got somewhere other than themselves to point the finger. Addiction is horrible and they absolutely should get the help they need but what people really need is to be taught personal accountability and responsibility in the areas of health and wealth so we can prevent more addicts from being created in the first place. Treating the symptoms not the cause just leads a game of whack a mole with regulations and bans as irresponsible people continue to behave irresponsibly.

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