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Producer Joe MeekLike a walking microcosm of the 1960s, Meek, a working class outsider, set a collision course for infamy. He rose to the greatest of heights with his 1962 transatlantic smash “Telstar”, performed by the Tornados, which earned him both an Ivor Novello Award and a writ for plagiarism from a French composer that resulted in Meek’s royalties being frozen. It wasn’t his only misfortune: amphetamine addiction, obsession with his protg Heinz Burt and an incident in a public toilet that led to his being blackmailed for his then illegal homosexuality fermented his fate.

“Well you know, whoever criticizes us should suggest an alternative we started with great restraint. In the last six days thousand two hundred [1,200] missiles fall on our civilians lives, on mothers, on children, says Peres. Tried to do it with restraint, but apparently they hide themselves in private homes, even in mosques, and we are trying to do our best not to hit any civilian on the other side, but unfortunately a war is a war and they can stop it in one minute if they’ll stop shooting, there won’t be any causalities.

How could Lopez, a Puerto Rican American who had yet to show any vocal range, take on the legacy of immensely talented Tejano songbird? With lip syncing and commitment. Mendes then had to eat his words as he watched Craig “go through that intense pressure and come through that with flying colors.”No one hated Tom Cruise’s casting as Lestat in 1994’s “Interview With the Vampire” more than the character’s creator, Anne Rice. “The very sad thing about Tom Cruise is, he does not have that kind of distinct voice.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profilewas yesterday, which is particularly appropriate in light of news that the prospect of thin, lightweight, (and likely flexible) displays that could do double duty as solar cells is inching closer to reality.As we noted in a news story last week, researchers are working to make OLED technology commercially viable for use as devices that range from display screens through to solar cells.This week gadget blog CrunchGear pointed us to a PatentMonkey post that suggests Motorola could make the technology available sooner rather than later if they can bring the cost down.Suddenly, the iPhone’s all screen design doesn’t seem so silly.Of course, as our earlier article notes, the benefits of commercializing OLEDs could extend beyond devices the way we traditionally think of them to clothing that employs the thin displays.For those who can’t wait that long, there’s always the T Equalizer, or our favourite: the Pong T.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

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