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I say this woman rocks. Fiona, You consider the recognition of a need for a power greater than herself to be hubris? And you seem to be offended by her belief that God cares for her even though she suffered a terrific tragedy? Help me here. Rico, you consider God an imaginary friend.

Of Course if we are banning people for Abuse in one form or the other those who do not smoke are being abused by those who do because they do not have a choice in some areas but to breath it in. Children get abused at home in that way by their selfish parents who would rather think that they are contributing to the NHS by taxes in cigarettes rather than preventing the problem in the first place. IE.

It strange how people are so accepting of this. This exact thing is banned in sports for a very obvious reason. I know a beauty contest is different but there are issues with transgenders that are difficult to look past for me. Okay, that definitely not true. There are many ways to shoot yourself in the foot with memory management in C/C++, but to claim that Java is, like, intrinsically more efficient “by default” is false. Java carries a ton more overhead from the get go with the garbage collector, lack of generic specialization and resulting autoboxing, aggressive heap allocation, etc..

University graduates with a German or other recognised university degree, or a foreign degree comparable to a German degree, are allowed to enter Germany and seek a job once here. They get a jobseeker visa for their job search and are allowed to stay in Germany for up to six months to find employment. They need to prove that they have enough money to live on during their time here.

The Growstone is VERY difficult to over water because drainage and aeration are so well maintained, and it compensates for underwatering on the other side. I have found it DIFFICULT to kill anything in a Growstone mix by either kind of inattention. In fact I haven lost a single plant in a Growstone mix in the entire FOUR YEARS I been using it.

And the King of Men, on the day of his coronation, knelt before the Hobbits, lowering his head. And the gathered thousands of his subjects followed, kneeling to the halflings. And though they would always be smaller than men, they stood for a fleeting moment as their equals which was half as well as they deserved..

Well, perhaps yes. If it is your honestly held opinion and it is based in fact, sure. But as, as far as I am aware, FSLabs has never been convicted of any wrongdoing in a court of law, and neither have any of the staff to my knowledge, if I were advising you in my day job I would probably suggest that in the event that was challenged in a libel suit, the law would be unlikely to support you in your assertion.

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