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BBC Review They may just have minted the new decade’s first essential album.David Sheppard 2010Beach House singer Victoria Legrand must be bored rigid with reviewers continually mentioning that her music sounds like the ethereal lovechild of gauzy indie forebears Galaxie 500 and Mazzy Star. Granted, reiterating the platitude won help, but consider this a valediction; a way of drawing a line in the sand outside the Beach House of old, perhaps. For this, the third album from the Baltimore based duo singer/keyboardist Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally proffers a bold evolution in sound and compositional ambition that renders comparison with those touchstones of yore immaterial.Indeed, Teen Dream almost entirely eschews the junkshop drum machine meets indie chanteuse fragility of the duo eponymous 2006 debut and its even drowsier follow up, Devotion, from 2008, in favour of vigorous, hymnal pop essays that gleam like polished chrome.

For whatever reason, the media became obsessed with the idea that Belichick couldn possibly want to keep Brady over Garoppolo and so they drove home another dumbass narrative that Brady, the toughest most competitive motherfucker to ever take the field, didn want to compete for his job anymore. That the man who continues to keep a chip on his shoulder for his college coaches trying to phase him out for a younger more athletic QB. The man who meticulously plans his training regimen out 3 years in advance and actually sticks to that ridiculously strict plan.

Local time in Armenia, five gunmen had stormed the Parliamentary Sessions Chamber of the country and opened fire. According to information received, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Vazgen Sargissian, as well as the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Parliament and a Minister were killed. It was understood that the gunmen were still holding about 50 members of the Armenian Parliament and the Government hostage.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLAS VEGAS My whirlwind tour of Belkin’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show forced my already gadget addled noodle to switch gears more times than I could count.It started off with a quick peek at the company’s latest gaming gizmo, the Nostromo SpeedPad n52te, a backlit keyboard alternative for gamers that delivers better ergonomics and enhanced macro customization (thanks to a partnership with gaming peripheral guru Razor). I tried it briefly, and while it felt decidedly different than a standard keyboard, its comfortable palm rest seems a surefire bet to make extended gaming sessions a little easier on one’s wrists.The next, and perhaps most exciting, product I was shown was the Belkin FlyWire wireless video system. This highly desirable bit of gear allows people to park all of their home theatre components up to 100 feet away from their television.

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